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Freediving set for beginners...
[ 21.08.2006 ]



Freediving monofin "Dolphin" FRD.
Monofin "Dolphin" FRD  "OMER"  footpockets with closed heel. Hand tapered blade from fiberglass makes the blade very flexible. It is mostly used for finswimming, underwater orientation, freediving (especially for dynamic events) and long distance swimming. Standard measures are 72 cm x 66 cm (width x length). Monofin 'Dolphin' FRD has rubber ribs on the side of the blade.
We are recommending a "Dolphin" FRD  because of the comfortable footpockets."OMER" pockets will allow you to practice a long,long hours.
The fin has been tested by Lauri Lilja from Finland.            


Freediving Stereofins"Classic "
Freediving Stereofins Classic are designed to provide you with high quality equipment for freediving. The Stereofins Classic are made of very scratch-resistant multilayered fiberglass, which is first hand shaped and then the layers are cut away by hand to achieve different grades of stiffness and flexibility. The blades of our Stereofins Classic are fixed to very comfortable and light "OMER" footpockets.

The total for the set is 269.-EUR including a monofin bag witch will fit a both fins.
 If you are interested to order, simply right  me a letter with all your information. info@specialfins.com

Thanks for choosing "SpecialFins"

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